Monday, February 15, 2010

Marine Corps Eyesight Requirements Amblyopia Am I Able To Get A 4 Year USMC Recon (0321) Contract?

Am I able to get a 4 year USMC Recon (0321) contract? - marine corps eyesight requirements amblyopia

I read in one place at the following FAQ:

I think that joining the Marines. How do I become one Marine Recon?

Recon recruitment option specifies the IP. The best opportunity to Recon is a contract option to obtain the IP recruiting. This option offers the possibility of using are listed in Recon.

Prerequisites for enrollment are these options are (but not limited to):

The GT of 105 or more
No exceptions moral
No exemption from the drug
Corrected to 20/20 Vista
Not color blind
The possibility of secret authorization

IP option is through recruitment rates are available. If the stock has reached a recruiter may not be able to offer a selection of IP registered to tthe next quota period.

In addition to the above requirements, applicants must:

Complete Boot Camp
1. Class PFT
Expert in rifle qualification
Upon completion of Marine boot camp is in the School of Infantry (SOI) to participate.

After SOI, is the Navy to base recognition (BRC). After the success of the navy school is assigned a primary MOS 0321 - Maritime surveillance basis.

If a sailor does not step on the way to fight their contracts to IP UH when he was in his arms) (Infantry.

Recruits for a contract with the possibility of using UH, you can also volunteer for reconstruction while attending SOI.

I have also heard that 0321 has to spend approximately 2 years of training to go all the schools. Is that true? If so, I am still able to get that 4 years instead of 5 or 6?


Perro De Lava said...

Suppose you have registered for the IP contract. Pass the entrance test and be accepted, and then his work for the coming years.

If not, then again on a line of infantry.

If you do not have this contract and IP in the Marine Corps, then you can apply to Recon in this way. If you do, then be sent on a reconnaissance patrol, and live happily ever after, if not, he wanted to return to work.

The danger is with the Treaty IP that most who try will fail.

gbangURm... said...

Negative. Only recently extended the contract for the reconstruction. It is at least 5, as they are in school for so long.

I worked 12 months to go to school.

If you are committed and who does not pass the test to the usual SOI *** 0311th If you feel good as it happens in the selection, but not all the events that you give up and accept that if they feel they deserve.

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